Best Non-Alcoholic Winter Drinks: Does Matcha Give You Energy & Help Immunity System?

When the days get cooler, the cold season begins again. Everywhere you come across people with colds and coughs, which often makes it difficult not to infect yourself. Those who are particularly hard hit have severe influenza that forces them to go to bed. When it is wet and cold outside and the mucous membranes are additionally irritated by the warm heating air, the body’s defenses are in great demand. It is therefore important to support the immune system and strengthen the body. Thanks to Match Tea, this is done in a healthy and natural way. Those who take preventive measures and do something good for their health have a good chance of getting through autumn and winter without a runny nose or sore throat.

What matcha tea can do for your own health

Matcha tea is a very special type of Japanese green tea. Its intense green color already stands for health and naturalness. Matcha tea is said to have great health benefits. It contains proteins, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, E and K as well as caffeine and amino acids. The caffeine contained in Match Tea is extremely well tolerated by the body and is therefore preferable to ‘ordinary’ caffeine, such as that found in an espresso. Matcha tea invigorates the body and has a stimulating effect, which can be very pleasant, especially in the cold, dark season when many people usually feel limp and lackluster. You become alert and focused, but not restless and restless, as can sometimes be the case after enjoying coffee.
Many of the health-promoting substances are contained in matcha tea in much higher concentrations than in other foods. For example, the antioxidant and main catechin EGCG, which matcha tea contains 137 times more than other types of Japanese green tea. The high amount of vitamins is also convincing, as is the very high iron content (10-17 mg per 100 g tea).

The production is the secret of the effect

Great care is taken in the growth of the tea plant as well as in the manufacture of the tea. The weeks before the leaves are harvested, the plant is shaded. This is specifically designed to help them produce more chlorophyll and amino acids. After the leaves are harvested, they are then ground into a very fine powder. This is all done by hand, as is the dampening of the leaves. This way, no valuable ingredients are destroyed. The leaf of the tea plant is ground whole. In this way, too, no vitamins, minerals or dietary fiber are lost that would otherwise be sacrificed during extraction.

Matcha tea is a real health benefit. The powder tea has excellent bioavailability. The pulverization enables certain ingredients to be much more readily available. For example, 100% of the ingredients can be absorbed by powder tea, while it is only 15% of the usual teas in the bag. The ground matcha tea is a clear plus for your health!

Tea instead of medicine

Matcha tea is a fine tea, the effect of which is valued not only in Japan. Those who indulge in the enjoyment of this tea in winter make a significant contribution to improving their health, strengthen the immune system and ensure better well-being with improved driving power.

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