Self-care Idea During Lockdown: Try Matcha For Anti Stress & Relaxation

More and more people are regularly afflicted by stress – not only in their daily work but also in their private life so that stress becomes a kind of permanent condition. Many people are no longer able to cope with their everyday challenges and feel burned out – depression threatens.

Doctors often advise stressed patients the same thing: they should exercise more, tell someone about their problems, and under no circumstances use alcohol or other unhealthy drugs – but even this simple advice can sometimes be difficult to follow.

How drinking matcha tea can relieve stress?

Preparing a cup of matcha tea is much more time-consuming than brewing a conventional tea: you boil enough water, let it cool down to around 80 degrees and then pour as much water over the matcha powder as you like.
Now the main part of the tea ritual begins: With a special small bamboo broom, the tea is whipped in flowing movements until it is frothy.

The effort involved in preparing a cup of matcha tea alone represents an oasis of calm in the stressful everyday life: you allow yourself time entirely for yourself and for your personal enjoyment, which continues with drinking the tea.

Matcha tea: Small cup – great content

The leaves of tea – and thus the matcha powder made from the crushed leaves of green tea – contain caffeine.
Since green tea, unlike black tea, is not fermented after the harvest, it also contains an antagonist of Thein: The amino acid L-theanine, which, unlike caffeine, has calming properties on body and mind and in a particularly high concentration in matcha powder occurs.

L-theanine has the following effects on the body: The amino acid dampens the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for flight or fight and thus for stressful situations.

A study by the Nagoya University Department of Psychology also showed that the L-theanine contained in matcha powder can prevent glutamic acid from reaching the glutamine receptors. This is of particular interest to people who suffer from poor sleep, since glutamic acid can lead to overexcitation of certain areas of the brain and thus to restless sleep.

Relieve stress naturally with a cup of tea

Matcha powder contains significantly more L-theanine than conventional green tea. This is due on the one hand to the special cultivation method and harvesting technology, and on the other hand to the fact that the tea is ground into a fine powder and prepared differently.

If you are experiencing stress, matcha tea is a great way to naturally relieve it.

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